Fact: Choosing ecommerce fulfillment companies that are too close can lead to lost opportunities. Rather than picking a shipping or fulfillment facility just because of the close proximity to you or your clients, it is the best bet to use objective analysis and let the data guide your choice. There is no question that shipping locations and ecommerce fulfillment companies are becoming more similar. This makes selecting one slightly more difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect ecommerce shipping company for your online retail needs:

ecommerce fulfillment

Fact: Your ecommerce fulfillment provider should offer a full range of solutions including round-trip, two-day shipping, rush shipping, next day delivery, same-day shipping and unlimited solutions. Choose a shipping provider that offers a full assortment of services tailored to your individual customer expectations. For instance, if you only need two-day shipping for a small amount of products, don’t worry about whether they offer next-day delivery. If you only need next-day delivery for a large amount of products, you will want to choose a shipping provider that offers next-day delivery, but a next-day pickup option is probably fine as well.

Fact: Many ecommerce fulfillment centers also provide on-site inventory management services. Whether you need to manage stock levels or warehouse space for long-term inventory items, you want to make sure your provider has the tools to do so. When you’re talking about short-term and long-term inventory management, most warehousing providers are excellent in their technical capabilities. But what do they lack when it comes to making sure that your product is shipping when you expect it to, and your customer gets the products that they ordered?

Fact: One of the major reasons ecommerce fulfillment companies are so valuable to an online ecommerce business is that they can take care of all your warehousing needs. This means no more stocking time, no need to hire more staff to manage the warehouses, no more back orders, and no need to worry about late shipments. The warehouse is the heart of any ecommerce business, and ecommerce fulfillment companies have all the tools they need to meet customer expectations. They can set up a point of sale system that allows customers to purchase items from the store, and they can also arrange for them to pick up their merchandise. You don’t even have to own the warehouse yourself anymore.

Fact: Another reason to use an ecommerce fulfillment services company is that you don’t have to have an extensive, in-house staff. The warehouse is always the busiest part of any ecommerce business, but that doesn’t mean you need to hire a large number of employees. A good ecommerce fulfillment services company can handle the extra workload, allowing you to focus on making the most of your product and service. Plus, outsourcing to a third party allows you to keep all the profits. After all, what do you have to lose?

Fact: Lastly, using fulfillment companies can free up a great deal of your own time. Shipping orders, fulfilling orders, collecting payments and keeping track of inventory can all become overwhelming when you have the assistance of a fulfillment house. You’ll no longer have to hire additional staff members to take on these tasks. And, when you factor in the fact that you won’t have to hire salespeople to work on your behalf, you’ll find that ecommerce fulfillment companies can save a great deal of money. By freeing up some of your own time, you can then invest that money back into your own business.

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